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Turning Reds Into Blues: JUNTOS!Gregg Cannady

Thanks to Dr. Jay Famiglietti and Paola Wong, we think that students can turn the reds into blues.

We're talking about CubeSats to collect data for water availability, student solutions, mentorship from caring professionals, and a national movement in learning from Peru that will inspire the world.

We hope our upcoming collaboration "CubeSats in Peru" will bring scientists together to inspire and inform student teams from Peru. ALL HANDS ON DECK! It's going to take everyone to solve the world's big problems.

Much thanks to Dr. Famiglietti for inspiring students and teachers getting ready for CubeSats in Peru. Dr. Jay Famiglietti - Executive Director, Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan; Previously NASA JPL Senior Water Scientist, Waterplan Chief Scientist

Dr. Famiglietti presented some AMAZING research that could connect CubeSats in Peru to The Globe Program, and issues directly impacting Peru.

We learned what this means to Peru, and how this collaboration will serve three goals:

  1. Build STEM Capacity in the Educational System in Peru

  2. Promote Space Technology Application

  3. INSPIRE Peruvian Communities, Schools, Cities, and Families

What can you do?

If you're an aerospace professional, scientist, someone who can mentor a team, or someone who can share research needed to build background knowledge and skills, fill out the following. Help Wanted: Aerospace Mentors - LINK

If you believe in the potential of providing time and resources to students to empower learning, donate to One Voice 4 Change, support your local schools, or reach out young people and help them find the intersection of their passions with real-world opportunities.


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