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Learning together, learning forward

July 5 - 9, 2021 | Virtual Event

One Voice 4 Change, in collaboration with PathLight International, is thrilled to announce a professional learning experience that brings teachers from Belize and the US together to design student-driven, experiential learning strategies.

This one-week ignite professional virtual learning experience is designed by and for Belizean educators aimed at forging relationships, friendships, partnerships and peer mentorships.

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Facilitate Industry Inspired and Informed Learning 

  • Strengthen and Build Community Through a Lifelong Learning Culture

  • Apply 21st-Century Skills (communication, collaboration, project management, systems thinking, design process, etc.)

  • Connect Student Interests and Passions to Infinite Opportunities

  • Design the Future of Global Learning

  • Build Real-World PBL Lessons (Problem Based Learning) and QUESTS

Over 500 Belizean Teachers will participate, representing primary schools through high school. Twenty-five US teachers will be selected to participate in multiple diverse and  globally-minded professional learning sessions.

In addition to teachers attending, there will be several subject matter experts, industry leaders, business partners, students, and nationally known educational leaders.

View the detailed schedule

Read the blog post from Pathlight

We also will be 

Building Ships!


In an initiative called Building Ships, we are bringing together local, national, and even international communities to discover how to empower students via simple relationships and collaborations with industry and subject matter experts. What we are finding is that Building Ships is essential to facilitating the infinite potential for ALL students.


Students who are connected to an entire community feel supported and will thrive in joyful learning opportunities.



We are inviting industry, community, and businesses to join us in making sure every student has the kind of ships that promote kindness, readiness for future careers, and passion for infinite opportunities to help humanity.

"There are all kinds of challenges these days that people are trying to solve, and we’re done with the easy problems. We’re entering grand challenges that aren’t going to be solved by a person or company, they’re going to be solved by a community."

  - Scott Sieke, (graduate student at CU Boulder who works with Science Discovery)​

The US teachers will be able to receive graduate relicensure credit.

Learning Goals

Real Teachers and Students Tackling Real Problems

  • QUEST for Students - The Belize Water Project – Saving Belize’s Most Precious Resource

  • Problem Based Teaching Approaches to Online Learning – Connecting the Dots – How Do I Know I am Doing this Right?

  • Designing a Design Challenge for Online Elementary Class – “Weh Deh Fuh Eat” – Practical Solutions to Bridge the Feeding Gap – Belize’s School Feeding Program for Primary Schools.

  • 21st Century Teaching - How to Best Involve Industry Experts into my Online Classrooms? – Light Gaan Up – Understanding the Role of Utility Industries in Education

  • Connecting with Industry Experts - The Right Questions to Ask? – Sheiks vs Shale – Oil Industry in Belize/US – What Does the Future Hold when you Dream Big?

  • Engaging Students in the 5 C’s for Collaborative Learning – What’s the Point of Potential? – Fostering Creativity, Critical Thinking, Competence, Communication and Compassion for Any Learner

Educational Partners


  • Anne Tweed, Director of STEM Learning Solutions, LLC in Denver

  • Gregg Cannady, Collaboration and Concept Development, STEM School Highlands Ranch


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