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Building Ships in Belize


NREP (Natural Resources Education Program)

In May 2020 we worked with the Natural Resources Education Program to facilitate a collaboration that brought in industry experts on an Energy & Environmental QUEST that connected learning to real-world problems. Belizean students and teachers were front and center finding solutions for their country and the world. 

Susan Morrice (Belize Natural Energy) was one of the industry experts who's sincere interest in empowering students in Belize helped make this collaboration sustainable, insightful, and inspirational. 

Check out the story here.

building ships

Relationships, Mentorships, Partnerships, Friendships, Leadership

We had a great ignite session focused on helping educators in Belize build relationships with industry partners and subject matter experts.  


Ignite Interest

Inspire Action

Give Hope to Belizean Students


When: July 15

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm MT


The three Belizean student presenters were:​

  • Joselyn / Belmopan Methodist High School / 10th Grade / Belmopan

  • Deetra / Belmopan Methodist High School / Grade 12 / Belmopan

  • Hadi / 10th grade / Edward P. Yorke High School / Belize City

Some amazing collaborations have begun as a result of this session. Rural Colorado teacher Craig Parker said:

I was blown away by the students today.  I think we are getting so close to cracking the nut on opportunities for kids who are not surrounded by unlimited resources.  Lone Star only had 5 graduates this year (16 next year!).  Of those 5 graduates, 4 of them are on a path directed by industry partners they met through the efforts of our school.  Those 4 students are all getting higher education paid for and a job when they are finished.  This is outstanding compared to 3 or 4 years ago when our students had the same pattern of getting menial jobs out of high school, going to college on student loans with no plan, and/or going to college only to drop out.  We are starting to see formulas develop, and we are starting to identify the characteristics of industry partners who really want to help the students. 


Great insight can also be gained from Belizean business and industry leaders. This is what one Belizean business person had to say after a Belizean teacher asked "What do our students need to know to thrive in the future of your industry?"


First, you must have a set plan.  I ask myself "What type of business do I want to venture into?"  How am I going to operate this business?  Which location should I choose for my business? How will I be successful? All of this was a part of my plan before I started the business.  In business, I learnt that you must make your business for the people.  You must make people feel comfortable and welcomed; therefore, public relation is key to your business.  You must also be loyal to your customers.  Furthermore, you must evaluate yourself and your business and always work on your weaknesses.  Next, you must never be afraid to invest. I know investment is a major risk but as a business person, you must never be afraid to take risks. One of my main strategies in my business is making the items that are essential very reasonable other than the wants. In this way, I can meet my customers' demands and satisfaction.  There will be challenges, competition but never give up.  Do not have a grudge over any business, stay focused, remain positive and keep on going. 

Susan Morrice left us with the ultimate challenge: DREAM BIG!


As we implement the next steps we hope industry, business, and community leaders will work with students and teachers to introduce them to infinite opportunities that help them DREAM BIG. 

Debra Wilcox (The 3D Printing Store) advises students to Be agile! Think in 3D! 

She also is an innovator in a concept called satellite interns. 

Kate Migliazzo (ChalkCast) advised students to consider the People Aspect, Soft Skills, and Learning from Failure as they pursue their dreams. 

Belizean educational leaders Ms. Pascacsio and Ms. Ellis told us about advancements and challenges at their schools.

Mr. Noralez has a vision for Belizean schools that involves relationships with industries and focusing on marketability. His entrepreneurial spirit has led to award winning solutions for his students. 

Belizean industry leader Ms. Andrea spoke to teachers, students, and industry leaders about what students can do to prepare for their future. 

Teacher Training


In January 2020 we set up two AVer 520+ room systems so that teachers in Belize City and Belmopan can conduct ZOOM meetings with their teams, with teachers from surrounding areas, and with subject matter experts that will strengthen access to knowledge and skills in multiple subjects. 

We have also worked with ECBOCES (Colorado), MindSpark, and the Morgridge Family Foundation to recruit several highly qualified teachers to work with Belizean teachers to inspire joyful learning in Belize and Colorado. The teacher training in Belize was going to be an in-person event for 500 teachers in July, 2020.  Now the event is virtual and the technology donated by AVer and OV4C has become a lifeline, connecting students, teachers, and opportunity.    ​

Check out this recording of rural Colorado teacher Joe Wagner's session.

Teacher Training Conference 2020

2020 Focus: Literacy/Numeracy

Theme: Helping to Shape the Future of Teaching: A 2020 Vision

  • Pre: Early Childhood: Innovative Teaching for Early Learners; Getting it Right from the Start - Age Group: 4-7 year olds Classes: Kinder to Grade 3

  • Primary I: Primary School : Closer Look at Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction: Implementing Word Study in Classrooms Age Group: 8-12 Classes: Grade 4-8

  • Primary II: Write from the Start – Writing Development for Primary Learners Age Group: 8-12 Classes: Grade 4

  • Primary III: Changing the Way we Look at Math and Teach Math - Age Group: 10-12 Classes: Grade 6- 8

  • High School: It's Never Too Early and Never Too Late: Innovative Teaching forAny Learner - Age Group: 13-18 Classes: Grade 9-12


Dates: July 4th - July 11th, 2020

Who are the PathLight Teacher Training program staff?

  • Nilda Muschamp, Director of Operations (Belmopan)

  • Consuelo Godfrey, Director, Teacher Training (Belize City)

  • Beatrice Geban, Teacher Trainer (Belize City)

  • Maggie Ruiz, Teacher Trainer (Belmopan)

For further information, please feel free to contact: Consuelo Godfrey

Director, Teacher Training Programs 501-610-6244

All Careers for a Green Economy

On June 3, 2020 Belizean author and teacher Beatrice Arnold-Geben invited students and teachers from Belize to a virtual environmental workshop with Martin Ogle and Entrepreneurial Earth.  This meeting has led to relationships between Belize and Colorado in the area of environmental sciences. Stay tuned for the wonderful collaborations being designed by Belizean and Colorado teachers.      

Consuelo and Beatrice just shared their initiative called "Future Me."

They will also help us present ideas for the future of learning at ASCEND 2020. (Nov. 17, 2020)

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