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CubeSats in Peru

A Collaborative Learning Adventure
Phase I - Spring 2023

EngitronicCONYTECSTEAM WORLD, and One Voice 4 Change are inviting student teams from Peru to a CubeSat Learning Adventure. In collaboration with The GLOBE Program, other countries, and other space agencies, we will use CubeSat technologies to solve problems related to climate change. 

Facilitating teachers and their students will be introduced to aerospace mentors in an experiential learning adventure. Our design team will support with resources for project management and facilitation strategies.

This is a pilot program where students inspire and inform every phase. Each team will have the freedom to design and innovate according to their passion and perseverance. 

This important to Peru in order to:

  1. Build STEM Capacity in the Educational System in Peru

  2. Promote Space Technology Application

  3. INSPIRE Peruvian Communities, Schools, Cities, and Families

View Deliverables, Timeline, Resources, and more

Support teams in need by donating today! You can select  CubeSats in Peru in the dropdown menu to help purchase kits for teams in need. 

Learning Approach 

Student Driven / Teacher Facilitated / Aerospace Industry Inspired and Informed

Students will do the work via experiential, hands-on, and applied learning.

Facilitating Teachers facilitate a relationship between their students and subject matter experts. Teachers are not expected to be subject matter experts. Teachers will communicate in order to build a digital community and share, catalog, and record successes and ideas.  

Mentors inspire and inform by simply listening to students and offering advice. Mentors will be provided with resources for "Best Practices" and encouraged to communicate with other mentors to give our teams a global network of support. Mentors do not teach, create content and curriculum, or handle classroom management. 

Collaboration Between Teams

The combined network of our mentors and teams will ensure that all parties are supported. Teams are highly encouraged to share solutions and help other teams. 

Bilingual: Spanish/English

Our intent is to provide this global learning adventure simultaneously in Spanish and English. We will work through challenges and opportunities together, respecting the potential of multiple perspectives for the global mission of empowering all learners, GLOBALLY.  

Design Team

RFP - Coming Soon!

Student presentations

Congratulations Coral (Bolivia): GOSATS Pilot Class, Spring 2022

Check out this presentation from students being mentored by Lockheed Martin employees.  (Executive HS Internship Program, May 10, 2022 Final Presentations.) Learn more about Tiger's Ebb


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