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Science Days in Brazil Gregg Cannady

People, Potential, Passion . . . all on display at Science Days in Brazil.

When Jefferson Michaelis invited us to attend and present at Science Days in Brazil, our gaol was to listen and learn. The voice of students in Brazil resonated with passion for learning across cultures and countries to solve problems like climate change. The voice of teachers included questions on how they could implement technology and collaboration into their classes.

Schools in Brazil will help us build an ecosystem that starts with the students curiosity, their teacher's unstoppable passion to provide the best learning for her students, and connections to universities and industry leaders with resources and mentorship needed to empower everyone's voice.

We can't wait to co-design the next steps with the Michaelis Foundation, Brazilian schools, and a global network of caring people united to create world-wide educational partnerships that inspire learning and global citizenship.


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