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Aerospace Interns for S2B2O Gregg Cannady

Shoutout to Kaia for powering through an insightful parts list with detailed explanations of each parts function.

July 15, 2022

The energy was high and the questions were many as University of Colorado Colorado Springs professors and students visited the interns.

The interns will soon host a session for participating students and facilitating teachers to speak into what would be helpful as the tutorials are produced. We are discovering that there are so many ways to address individual passions in this project. Writing, computer science, marketing, engineering, project management, and education are but a few.

From Hannah and the Interns

This week has been great, with lots of great progress for the CubeSat project.

To start, the CubeSat is complete with all lights functioning and consistent connection to the ground station on the PI 4. Thank you Ben for your amazing work with the radio systems!

In addition to the progress with the CubeSat, we have started developing an updated bill of materials and Facilitators guide. The Parts List includes detailed explanations of the practical use and in system function of each of the elements on the Cube. This will be pivotal in providing a better understanding of what is being built with students across the globe. In the beginnings of the Guide for instructors, different brief tutorials and troubleshooting guides are being built to help facilitators assist their teams, regardless of prior experience.

(a guide for using a multimeter)

And finally, we had a fantastic meeting with the team at UCCS. Thank you Dr.George for coming down to share such amazing information about how the project has been going with you and your students. We can't wait to continue collaborating with you guys in the future and see where this project grows as a team.

July 8, 2022

We successfully constructed and tested the CubeSat and were able to receive and analyze data from the device using a PC as the ground station. - Hannah

In addition to designing tutorials on how to assemble the kit, the interns plan to draft a sample circuit and soldering practice board to teach students some of the essential technical skills associated with this project. It will provide the opportunity to learn and make mistakes before beginning on the CubeSat Sim Kit itself. There can also be optional extensions to this practice, providing better understanding of circuitry through trial and mathematics ,if facilitators choose to implement them.

From Hannah: So far, the Main Board, Battery Assembly, and most of the STEM board have been constructed. We are hoping to produce a working prototype of the Cube by the end of Wednesday (July 6, 2022) next week.

July 1, 2022

Below are photos of the interns first steps.

Interns are building a CubeSat Sim this summer with the goal of documenting and producing tutorials that will help international teams put the CubeSat Sim Kits together.


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