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Telesecundaria to STEM Gregg Cannady

Inspired by Mexican culture, collaborations with rural Mexico, Rotary Clubs, and a few drawings and ideas from Martin, BK and Jerry, STEM students are now working with a professional architect from Colorado.

Cheryl Bicknell, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Education Planner | Architect

Above is a photo from June 2, 2018. (tearing down condemned buildings and preparing for new)

The students are learning about what it takes to be an architect by going through the process. These preliminary sketches were done with very short notice. We can expect to see expanded versions presented in profession renderings. All of this is possible as meaningful collaborations between architects from Colorado and Mexico work with them, inspired by the vision of the culture and people of Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico. The students will have wonderful work for their portfolios and applications to universities.

Previous to this collaboration, another STEM student's (Ryan) work was created, and is now on the fence of the schoolyard in Chacala.

Please see this dropbox link to see images that are inspiring the work.

STEM teacher Rosario (originally from Mexico) will visit Chacala and Nayarit in Nov., 2018. She will help us connect the beautiful culture of Nayarit with the spirit of collaboration and problem-based learning practiced at the STEM School Highlands Ranch. Rosario has a few copies of renderings to give to the people of Chacala.

The photo below is from Rosario's lesson with another rural Mexican school, el Colegio Patria.

FIRST PRIZE: The students from Chacala and STEM will work together to build a new school; a school inspiring learning and culture; a school created through kindness and collaboration across borders; a STUDENT-CENTERED lesson for the world.

Another FIRST PRIZE would be for the private and public schools in Chaclaa to work together on sustainable learning goals for ALL children.

(visit this LINK)


Let's all work together for the students.

Let's learn from them by prioritizing culture over politics, passion over bias, humanity over self.

The photo below features STEM teacher Cynthia connecting with Telescundaria students. Together, they hope to learn ENGLISH/SPANISH while solving the world's plastic problem, especially how this effects fish in the ocean.



The SYNK (a synchronous learning environment) connects teachers and students to schools, higher education and industry from all over the world.

Our approach is based upon a virtual connection that goes well beyond traditional online courses. Our approach is a two-way collaboration where students and teachers:

  • Work together in real time

  • Solve real-world problems (PBL, problem-based learning)

  • Collaborate with local business and industry

With this approach, the walls that confine traditional learning are eliminated. Students are able to collaborate in real time with infinite learning partners. Every class is connected to anyone or anything that enables them to tackle the world’s most challenging problems.

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