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  • Gregg Cannady

Taking Flight Gregg Cannady

Just like the wind that lifts the birds of Chacala into the air, the students and teachers have taken flight with their collaboration on the musical drama: A Bird's Eye.

Students from el Jardin participated in a walking tour to identify birds. Each student chose a bird that they want to include in the story. Primaria students drew pictures of birds and took notes.

Telesecondaria students used online resources to collect scientific data and connect our projects to geography, anatomy of birds and animals, aerodynamics, the math of distance an time, social sciences, migration, evolution of species and ecology.

The next steps are to create a visual storyline and synopsis that will be used to create a script and songs.

Our first guitar class was a great success. Felicity joined us via ZOOM from Colorado, and together, we experienced a synchronous guitar lesson.

As we add illustrations, costumes and assign dramatic parts, A Bird's Eye will take flight and become something that will be performed in the community.

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