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  • Felicity Muench

Solving the World's Problems JUNTOS!

Solving World Problems

JUNTOS (Together)

14 Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century

Learning Crisis: Students around the world do not have access to great learning.

Listen to The global learning crisis -- and what to do about it | Amel Karboul

from TED Talks Daily (SD video) in Podcasts.

El Colegio Patria will not be receiving charity. They will be solving the world's educational learning crisis. Our vision and this grass roots approach has the power to show millions of schools around the world a sustainable plan for the world-wide educational crisis.

Solutions: “When I’ve worked on co-design, I’ve had a tendency to think of communities I’m working with as experts on local conditions and priorities, while my teams tend to be experts on technologies and design methods. It’s an exciting challenge to think about how to work with community members not just as experts on their own problems, but on different ways of solving problems, of having insights that my students and staff are unlikely to have. How do people solve the problems they encounter in their lives, and how can those problem-solving skills change how we develop and design together?”

Ethan Zuckerman at the inaugural meeting of Obama’s foundation

We must prepare our students for the future.

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