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Laptops for Belize

Let's get these laptops to students and teachers.

Martian Greenhouse 3.0 (Fall 2022) is AMAZING! However, Many students live in very remote rural areas, travel long distances to meet online, and they do not have devices of their own, so this presents added challenges for some team teams.

Read about the Future Me initiative here.


The Belize students have come so far this year. However, they need computers to scale their dreams. Please see these miracles in learning from Martian Greenhouse 2.0.

Please read these powerful stories and know that your donations will help.

Juan (17) - Georgetown Technical High School

As a student growing up in rural Stann Creek village, I was very motivated to go to school. Not many people in my family went to school. I was very much inspired by my work in Martian Greenhouse, as a student leader I can appreciate the value it brings to my school knowledge. My school tries to support us in providing us with devices for this project. I was allowed to use a laptop for a few hours, but having my own device would be a great help. I would not have to travel 10 miles to get access to the school laptop all the time. Any support that is given in this project as for me Juan Veliz will be grateful. 


Layna (16) - Our Lady of Guadalupe 

As a young woman going to school in Belmopan, and assisting my team in this Energy Project as a legacy leader, I found a lot of motivation to work with my classmates. We at OLOG have access to the school lab, in which we use devices, however, the school closes its gates at 4:00 and many of final meetings were after 4, so I found myself borrowing a laptop from my cousin so I could log into the sessions. My cousin did not mind lending me the laptop but having my own would certainly help me continue my leadership work with other projects. Thank you Once Voice for Change for helping us!

Jolie McDougall (Teacher) - Pallotti High School

As a high school teacher I was inspired by the work our high school girls were engaged in. Being a teacher in this project showed me that I can use research as one of the techniques to help students learn as they were very engaged when given this task.  It also allowed me to stretch my imagination into the future, as most of what I teach is what we have learnt from past research. As a teacher, having my own device would certainly help me be able to assist more of my students who need the extra help especially when we engage in these types of projects. Years of Teaching: 20+ years

Sonieda Teul (Teacher) - Georgetown Technical High School

As a science teacher this project inspires me to widen my knowledge and gain experience on this specific topic especially about the planet Mars. I have always sat under the stars and envisioned myself to find ways to get life there. Joining an inspired team from all over the world and mentoring these students' minds is such an amazing feeling and to know how much these students have creative minds, critical and analytical thinking. Any support in providing us teachers with a device would be most grateful. In Belize teachers buy their own materials and supplies and in many instances they do not have access to devices. Thank you One Voice for Change for seeing this dream come true. Years of Teaching: 6 years

Jonah (16) - Bishop Martin High School 

That is truly an amazing experience! My team, Bishop Martians from Bishop Martin High School, was so intrigued by what we learnt during the Martian Greenhouse project. Looking also at the launch from Mr. Taylor was inspiring for my team. His inspiration from Star Trek, we had something similar with Star Wars. As well, I am amazed that he is using his resources at his disposal. Thank you to Mr. Taylor for sharing his accomplishments, I now want to learn more about his launch and how it goes. I wish nothing, but the best for him and hope his project is successful! One Voice for Change is helping us see a dream come true, many of the students on my team did not have a laptop, so it was hard for us to keep up with meetings, but with this support we will now be able to participate more in these projects. 

Laisha (16) - Our Lady of Guadalupe HS

I believe that having a laptop of my own would help me because it is a device that is so necessary in today's world. Due to the pandemic, my school is currently doing hybrid learning (online and in person) and because of this, owning a device like a laptop is more of a necessity. I would also benefit from one because I won a scholarship recently to study abroad at UWC Costa Rica. The school itself asks for an ideal laptop since many courses require it. Although I do own a laptop, it is quite outdated and having a new one will allow me to work more efficiently while also leaving my younger siblings with my old one, since they are required to have one for school as well.


Gabrielle (16) - Bishop Martin High School 

Because I do a great deal of research for school, having a laptop would make it more manageable because of the resources it has. Laptops are portable and great for working on the go, as a student, it makes completing assignments and communicating through meetings easier. Communication is key and with a laptop, attending meetings, collaborating on projects, or sending messages is a piece of cake. You can work with anyone and everyone in the world and visit places from around the world with just the click of a button on a screen. Laptops are a crucial part of most people's lives, especially in this digital era where we usually store all our information on our devices.

Below is information from Belize, and a program called "Future Me." One Voice 4 Change would love to support by helping raise money for laptops for students and teachers. Please DONATE to OV4C so that we can help.


Future ME:  A Stem of Building Ships – Is a program supported by Pathlight Belize that creates online learning opportunities for students to connect with subject matter experts and industry experts in pursuing careers in STEM and other fields. These ignite virtual sessions focus on connecting students & educators with industry partners and subject matter experts to build relationships and connections in assisting our most vulnerable youths especially boys and girls to successfully pursue their Future ME. Youths are provided with training, skill building, discovery discussions, career path development among other interactive activities to help our young women and men succeed after high school.  


  • Students to discover pathways to advance in career choices 

  • Students to explore possibilities/opportunities by connecting with subject matter experts and industry partners

  • Students to collaborate and make connections with peers in career advancement

  • Schools to bridge the gap between classroom learning and industry needs 


Future ME Initiatives:  Martian Greenhouse 2.0, Sheik vs Shale PBL, Making the Cut – Partners in Healthcare, Coding Basics, STEM 4 Girls, Energy Collaborate 2022.

Our 30x2030 Promise


  1. To have thirty percent (30%) of girls in Belizean high schools by 2030 select STEM related careers in college. 

  2. To have thirty percent (30%) boys between the ages of 13-16 choose STEM related careers to steer their focus and skills more into real world fields and less away from high gang recruitment during that age range.  


The Problem: In Belize not many girls seek STEM related careers and many of our young women are not exposed to the possibilities that women can lead in STEM careers. PathLight Belize wants to change that narrative in Belize. Many boys are recruited between the ages of 13-16 to join gangs. Not many boys find purpose and meaning in textbook driven lessons and many drop out of school. Lack of digital resources at the school and home level creates further challenges for these students to remain focused and successful in school. 

Solution: Through PathLight’s STEM Programs we can begin to engage our local young women and men into discussions, concept presentations, STEM experiments, interactive activities led by young women and successful STEM and Subject Matter Experts  locally and globally in STEM related fields. We can steer our most vulnerable youths into careers and fields that can provide life skills and allow them to learn through discovery while challenging and motivating students to stay in school. 

Digital Resource Incentive: Through PathLight STEM programs students are provided some support via data plans and access to internet connectivity. Students who become a part of the Future ME initiative can also be further provided with inexpensive devices so that they are able to successfully complete the program.

Let's all make sure these students and teachers have the basic resources needed to to realize their dreams in learning, and help the world with their research and solutions. 

FYI - OV4C is learning about urgent needs in every country we work with. We will keep a list of needs that we can share with anyone who can help. 

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