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The Seven Questions Series: Consuelo Godfrey by Danny Long

PathLight International, Belize

Consuelo directs the expansion of PathLight’s Teacher Training and STEM Programs and oversees its six Teacher Education Centers. She continues to lead PathLight’s partnership with the Ministry of Education in helping Belizean schools achieve their goals in competency-based education. Under her leadership, PathLight is now an official implementing partner with UNICEF International, among other local and international agencies and organizations. She is also a single mom of two beautiful daughters, Syra (22) and Ariah (13).

Has working with One Voice 4 Change (OV4C) benefitted you? If so, how?

OV4C has been a great partner to PathLight Belize since 2020. To date, it has donated to our teacher-training conference, coordinated the donation of laptops to our STEM students, and provided problem- and project-based learning experiences to over 200 high school students and teachers in Belize.

What excited you about working with OV4C?

OV4C is willing to go the extra mile to make our partnerships work. Ms. Muench and Dr. Cannady were instrumental in earning our schools and students international recognition from ASCEND 2021 and in finding subject-matter experts from around the world.

What was the most powerful moment you experienced while working with OV4C?

In 2021 OV4C was hosting a fundraiser event to assist students with laptops, and both Ms. Muench and Dr. Cannady had warm comments to make about PathLight and the work they did with us in 2020-2021. We were very touched.

Many problems facing the world require people across the planet to work together. What advice can you give on forming successful partnerships?

Maintain consistency with the partnerships, be willing to engage with each partner individually and wholeheartedly, and be grateful for the fantastic collaboration and opportunity that the partner provides.

How should the world of education adapt to the demands of the moment?

Provide more hands-on student learning experiences like Martian greenhouses and CubeSats.

OV4C takes a project-based approach to education. What are the benefits of this approach?

It energizes education for young people. It helps students build soft 21st-century skills. And it provides students with a meaningful learning environment.

What do you hope the world will look like in fifty years?

I hope that more students will be learning real-world skills and that more learning experiences will be taken out of the classroom.


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