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Space Culture & Ecosystems Gregg Cannady

GLEC 2022 began with a beautiful display of Ecuadorian culture, and a challenge to bring multiple countries together for the peaceful exploration of space. Building an ecosystem that brings space to life for everyone means that students MUST have access to learning that fits with their passions.

Our mission at One Voice 4 Change is to create world-wide educational partnerships that inspire learning and global citizenship. Juan Jaramillo Rojas (CEO - Sideralis) is changing the world. They do this by inspiring us all to work together for students, and for supporting those who are the voice of change.

Matías Campos (STEM Programs Director for Sideralis) went all out for OV4C. Aerospace leaders from many countries visited our booth in the exhibit hall.

In addition to the speaking at the conference, I met with aerospace space leaders from the US, Italy, Sweden, El Salvador, Panama, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Brazil, Slovakia, Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Costa Rica, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, France, Guatemala, Kenya, Russian, South Africa, Honduras, Turkey, Bulgaria, Canada, Paraguay, Belgium, Poland, and Columbia.

We have now been invited to share our initiatives at numerous events around the world. A global lineup of teams and mentors will be joining CubeSats in Peru and Martian Greenhouse 3.0.

We will listen to the voices of these world leaders in aerospace in order to support and design collaborative learning adventures that bring our world together to listen to and empower students.

The panel I participated in discussed Space in Schools and the Role of Academia. I learned so much from listening to these global leaders. I also shared the vision of One Voice 4 Change and the potential of everyone listening to the voices of students, and creating world-wide partnerships that inspire learning and global citizenship. Matías Campos (Sideralis) invited university students to our session. The energy was high with the hope of collaborating on meaningful projects that bring culture to space exploration, and build a global ecosystem of caring adults and industries united in vision.

OV4C is making a difference. Our focus on listening to the voices of students, teachers, communities, industry leaders, and educational leaders offers everyone a chance to come together in ways that truly change the world, and bring hope to those who need a voice 4 change.

The people from Ecuador were friendly, artistic, innovative, and inspirational. OV4C will continue to build partnerships with Ecuador and the many countries attending GLEC 2022.

Space in Schools PPT: LINK


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