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Martian Perseverance & Potential Gregg Cannady

Going to Mars is almost as difficult as helping people on earth. Our Martian Greenhouse 3.0 Teams have shown us the perseverance, determination, grace, citizenship, intelligence, and hope needed to make the impossible possible.

The Peruvian Team above inspired everyone. This school will also lead a CubeSat collaboration coming up in January 2023. "CubeSats in Peru"

I'm still rendering videos and presentation from our other teams. This blog will soon tell the story of our amazing journey. Several teams are still building prototypes, hydroponics, and ways to apply what they have learned in their schools and communities. I'll update this blog soon. STAY TUNED

Here are a few samples from the November 15th Presentations: LINK

Our teams from Nigeria and Pakistan presented their work Nov. 5, 2022.


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