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“Green Energy for All” Gregg Cannady


Spring 2022

Belize / US

The Challenge

The world is in an energy generation transition from carbon (green-house gas) emitting sources such as coal and oil and replacing these with renewable energy and other forms of generation such as storage, nuclear and hydrogen. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to reduce global average temperatures.

Industry’s challenge is, how to create a carbon free electric grid that is safe, reliable, cost effective, sustainable and environmentally sound by 2050.

GE Renewable is working on solutions.

Students and teachers in collaboration with One Voice 4 Change, PathLight Belize, PathLight International, Government of Belize, STEM School Highlands Ranch, and GE Renewable Energy designed solutions to answer the challenge.

Facilitating teachers and their students were introduced to subject matter experts in Energy who were mentors in an experiential learning adventure.

Students from STEM and Belize have great passion for solving this challenge.

(insert student testimonials - why this matters to them)

Mentors from GE Renewable played two roles in empowering the students' passions.

  1. Short Introductions Systems and Solutions

  2. Mentorship to Teams

The GRID: "One of the coolest things around"

Understanding the Grid with Tim Brown: Public Affairs Leader at GE Renewable

The answer, my friends, is Blowin' in the Wind. (March 7, 2022)

Hydro Power with Matt Pevarnik (March 7, 2022)

The Colors of Hydrogen with Josh Bird: GE Gas Power Services (March 14, 2022)

Understanding Demand with Adnan Zafar (March 21, 2022)

Bringing it together with Hybrids (March 21, 2022)

Let's do the MATH! We learned to think about "Hours of the Year" when finding solutions. BTW - The magic number is 8760. (March 28, 2022)

David Sandquist - Project Director GE Renewable

Solutions from STEM

Gravity Battery

Let's hear about what this means to teachers.

This is the future of education, and it is the key to developing innovative and collaborative problem-solvers.

- Stephanie Hart (STEM)


Energy Transition LINK

Hybrids LINK


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