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  • Felicity Muench

Belize: Resources for Teachers Gregg Cannady

It was a great honor to support the Belize Teacher Professional Learning experience July 5-9, 2021.

Our fundraising efforts were able to sponsor Belize teachers to attend and provide support for the educational experts that worked with the teachers. We were also able to provide supplies for teachers.

I am so thrilled at this wonderful gift. Pathlight Belize has always seen teachers as important to our community. Now One Voice for Change has added to this light, this is truly an amazing gift. Forever grateful. F. Castillo.

My name is Jolleen Arnold, Standard 3 Teacher at All Saints’ Anglican School. I would like to express my heartfelt thank you to both Pathlight International and One Voice for Change on the donation received. It will enable me to provide a warm and welcoming class environment for this new school year. I plan to utilize the materials to create an attractive welcome sign and notice board for the class under the theme: Blooming in

Thank you Pathlight and One Voice 4 Change for your generous donation for my STEM classroom this year. These materials will supplement what I already have and make easier a safe hands on approach to learning in these times. G. Itza

Wow! I am so thankful for this gift One Voice for Change, this really made my week! My students will surely enjoy these supplies. Thank you for thinking of us again! E. Pinelo

Dear PathLight and One Voice for Change, it was so amazing to receive this wonderful gift of supplies. I was delighted to be able to finally buy supplies for my students, something we did not have to fundraise for. This year has been tough on us, and I am grateful for this gift. Keep being a light for teachers in Belize. L. Barrias.

Thank you One Voice for Change with this donation I was able to buy my class art supplies and much needed white board markers as I did online teacher via my white board. I am really grateful for this gift and as you can see very excited! B. Paz

This is a much needed donation for my school. We were without a classroom sink for some years. Thank you to Pathlight Belize and One Voice for Change for thinking of us teachers, without your kindness my students would return to the same old bucket we were using. Thank you again from M. Sacul.

Thank you One Voice for Change, my school really appreciates this donation. My students will be happy to be able to do Art again. Thank you E. Garcia.


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