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  • Gregg Cannady

Accelerated Global Learning Gregg Cannady

What happens when students from India share computer Science ideas with students from Colorado?

Accelerated Global Learning!

The STEM School Highlands Ranch students came to school at 7:10 am. Across the world, it was 7:40 pm in Jaipur, India.

The topic being discussed was using HTML to build pages on a website. In about one week, the students from Scotle HS learned how to use HTML and created an amazing page that went well beyond the basics.

Wow it blew away my mind today to see how prepared and ready the students from Scotle High School in India were for the collaboration with students in STEM School Highlands Ranch.

- Simi Basu (STEM Computer Science)

The accelerated learning curve impressively demonstrated by the students from Scotle HS is only the beginning. The STEM students were immediately motivated to discuss 3D modeling, and other topics that they have learned. STEM students said that student-to-student learning is their "preferred way for learning, which is enjoyable, easier, more effective, and faster than than teacher-directed lessons and traditional instruction."

This is just the beginning.

The next meeting will be run by students and the learning will be accelerated.

One Voice 4 Change is supporting this collaboration as well as sessions with Scotle HS in guitar lessons.

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