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  • Gregg Cannady

Teachers Helping Teachers (Colorado to Belize) Gregg Cannady

Teachers are on the front lines of learning in Belize and Colorado.

Thanks to a generous donation from AVer and a network of teachers guided by Emma Richardson and ECBOCES, we now have a way to connect teachers so that they can build relationships resulting in learning opportunities for their students.

One Voice 4 Change delivered two room systems for online collaboration to PathLight offices in Belize City and Belmopan.

The Belize City team of teachers and mentors, led by Consuelo Godfrey, immediately identified numerous ways to strengthen their work through online connections. In addition to students who come to their office every day after school, their teacher training and impact on numerous schools in the entire country is making a huge difference.

The next steps for One Voice 4 Change includes coordinating with ECBOCES and teachers in Colorado to attend the Belize Ministry of Education-Approved Teacher Training Conferences. (July 6-11, 2020) We will help to recruit ten teachers from Colorado who will work side-by-side with Belizean teachers on innovative and collaborative approaches to learning.

The dedicated teachers and mentors in Belize City and Belmopan achieve much through:

  • Engagement - group activities facilitated by mentors

  • Access to Technology (internet & computers)

  • Social Interactions (supporting student-to-student and mentor-to-student relationships)

  • Faith / Hope / Love

With your help, One Voice 4 Change can help. Below are initiatives that we are working on.

  • Recruiting and Preparing US Teacher Partners for Teacher Training

  • Technology Donations - (40 Chromebooks, 2 printers, high speed internet, 10 laptops)

  • Two professional subscriptions to ZOOM

  • Books for Libraries (PathLight is installing bookshelves in schools)

  • Access to Subject Matter Experts (entrepreneurs, healthcare, marine life, space, IT, law)

  • Guitar Donations 15-20 Nylon String Guitars

  • Community Partners to Support Construction, Playgrounds, and Infrastructure

The joy of helping students and teachers can change the world. Let's give voice to the people of Belize and to those in Colorado who understand the value of collaboration.

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