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  • Gregg Cannady

It's All About Relationships Gregg Cannady

Felicity and Gregg recently visited PathLight International in Belmopan and Belize City, Belize.

We expected diversity, amazing students, dedicated teachers, and a country rich in culture.

We were overwhelmed by solutions to learning that should inspire every country. The dedicated staff at PathLight International showed us new definitions for mentorship. It's so much more than preparing for a career. The mentorships we witnessed were a fully immersive investments in students.

Every students deserves a team of adults to listen, advise, guide, and support the dreams of every child.

How do we help students go from where they are to their FUTURE ME?

Solutions include knowing each student, the homework assigned by their schools, and the communities they live in. Relationships provide strength and support that is sustainable and so much more than just career prep.

Antonio's work includes everything from building rooms at schools to mentoring and connecting multiple community resources to support students. His heart and work inspired us greatly.

One Voice 4 Change would love to partner with PathLight in several ways.

1. Virtual Professional Learning Communities - Using synchronous technology, we could connect a network of teachers and subject matter experts to Belize teachers. This will only require some simple technology and scheduling that aligns with Professional Developments already done through PathLight.

2. Week-Long Colorado to Belize Trip - We hope to work with PathLight to design a collaboration where teachers share lessons, approaches to experiential learning, and networks that support student-driven learning. We think we can take twelve teachers from Colorado to Belize for this immersive learning event. Colorado teachers will earn graduate credit, license renewal credit, and the experience of a lifetime.

3. Homework Club - What if students who come to PathLight after school could work with students from across the US, Mexico, and beyond? Imagine not only helping each other with homework, but also working together on real-world problems supported by a global community of mentors.

4. Birds Across Borders - We love the collaborative spirit that Dr. Campbell-Smith's students have inspired. Poetry, music, science, aerodynamics, and culture are just a few things we can learn together. LINK

5. Guitar

We met students and alumni ready to learn guitar.

Our host and PathLight alumni, Iris, would love to learn how to play the guitar. We hope to raise money to buy one for her and find online mentors for guitar lessons.

Julio's love for music and the guitar made us all smile. Let's help him with the resources he needs to thrive as a guitarist.

Students and Teachers

Culture and Community

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