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  • Gregg Cannady

Arts & Sciences Gregg Cannady

Diverse and meaningful data, art, music, and culture have taken a leading role in the vision of student-driven learning between STEM School Highlands Ranch and el Colegio Patria in Las Varas, Nayarit, Mexico.

El Colegio Patria students presented what they did for "Culture Week." Fashion, sculpture, and dance were shared.

Students from el Colegio Patria presented what they did for "Culture Week" at their school. In addition to fashion, art and other activities, dance was an important element in the presentation. (LINK to presentation)

Students from both countries are seeing that they have much to learn with their new friends.

Ideas for Collaboration

  • Scientific research Informed by real-world subject matter experts

  • Applied Science

  • Birds Across Borders (soon to be published website)

  • Study and Preservation of Natural Habitats

  • English / Spanish - DANCING (students learn to dance while also practicing communication in each others languages)

  • Design Process / Problem Based Learning (PBL)

  • Robotics

Our initial collaborations were centered around music. The guitarists at el Colegio Patria are learning new songs and preserving the beautiful songs from their community.

You can support the continuation of these collaborations by donating to One Voice 4 Change. We hope to help with air-conditioning in classrooms and the electricity to run them. Paying for internet service is also an important goal.

As the collaborations in arts & sciences continue we also will need basic supplies for research and maker spaces.

The students will find the answers to many problems our world faces. Together they will use their friendships and collaborations to teach us all how to improve the world. JUNTOS!

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