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  • Gregg Cannady

Two Worlds, Across the Street

Today I worked in Chacala with el Jardin (private elementary school) and Telesecondaria (public junior high). Even though they were next to each other, both schools were unique.

El Jardin's focus is creativity, Montessori and Waldorf. The space is beautiful with views of the ocean, snacks and time for espacio burbuja. (bubble space - students go off into their own space to think, create and reflect). "time in your own space"

At el Jardin there are several teachers along with volunteers to see that every student succeeds.

In Teleseciondaria there is one teacher for three grades. Students are studying math, geography and social sciences at multiple levels.

All the teachers are wonderful.

Martin, Beatrize, Aglae, Debi, Sofia

Another school across the street form el Jardin and Telesecondaria is Primaria. (public elementary school)

We hope our collaboration between public and private schools strengthens the community and allows students to collaborate. These students are the hope for the future. Together they will change the world. JUNTOS!

A few teachers from STEM School Highlands Ranch will connect via THE SYNK to write, compose and perform an original musical play about what birds of Chacala see, feel and tell us. For this experience we will use science, art, math, geography, social studies, dance and music in an active learning environment.

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