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  • Felicity Muench

What was my inspiration for starting One Voice 4 Change?

Inspiration can happen in a moment. And in that moment, the world can change. This is what happened when I participated in a performance of the the song "One Voice" written by a gifted 12 year old student at the STEM school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I was on stage with my guitar and listening to the incredible voices of the choir singing the lyrics "One voice can change the world. One voice can change for better or for worse". At the end of the performance, as we were bowing, I was filled with the feeling that I had a voice. A voice that needed to express itself. And the realization that I could do so much more than what I had been doing my entire life. I decided to use my voice to bring people together to give learning opportunities to those who need a voice. With the incredible talent and passion of Gregg Cannady, we are making a difference, one child at a time. We all have a voice.

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