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  • Gregg Cannady

What is STEM?

What is STEM?

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

STEM is like breathing. It's necessary for survival.

We've always know that Math and Science were a part of everything in the universe.

Pythagoras and Plato found mathematics in music and nature. Pythagoras discovered that the beautiful musical relationship between the notes was also a mathematical relationship: the harmonious sounds are produced by vibrating strings with particular ratios of string length. Plato believed geometry and mathematics exist in their own ideal world and that certain shapes (now known as the Platonic solids) were associated with the classical elements from which the world was made: earth, fire, air, water, and the universe.

Discover math's signature in the swirl of a nautilus shell, the whirlpool of a galaxy, and the spiral in the center of a sunflower. Math was essential to everything from the first wireless radio transmissions to the prediction and discovery of the Higgs boson and the successful landing of rovers on Mars. Astrophysicist and writer Mario Livio, along with a colorful cast of mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, follow math from Pythagoras to Einstein and beyond. It all leads to the ultimate riddle: Is math a human invention or the discovery of the language of the universe?

Few question the industrial revolution and the power of engineering in nature and in everything humanity tries to make.


The newest essential element is technology. We are discovering that it too is all around us and drives much of our innovation, world view, economy, security, and even lifestyle.



The power of a STEM-infused approach to learning in EVERY subject can change the world. Problem Based Learning used to solve the world's problems must happen.

We believe that everyone stands to benefit when el Colegio Patria works with students around the world to solve the world's problems.

Imagine the global power of:

* El Colegio Patria / STEM science collaboration (illustrations of birds, nature sanctuary)

* Clean water - collaboration with America's Best Young Scientist, el Colegio Patria, BK, and Mexican engineers

* Shared Culture in Music - Understanding and Awareness of others (extension - art, social studies, language, etc.)

* Kindness and Empathy that can only happen by working together and seeing the world from another's perspective

* Equal opportunities in learning across the earth to underserved children


What will el Colegio Patria Need to Succeed?

1. A Mexican SYNK – Collaborations around the world in real time (synchronous learning environment)

2. Help with Internet and Technology Integration

3. Air conditioning in rooms with Technology

4. Moving from Content Delivery to the Design Process in Education

5. Networking with other Mexican Schools

6. Professional Development for Teachers (student driven, PBL)

7. Access to innovative real-world curriculum

8. Marketing / Media shared with other schools across Mexico



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