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Promoting Peaceful and Healthy Societies

Pushing beyond a conventional education system, Student Voices 4 Change gives Belizean and American students a platform to share their lives, talents and cultures.


This project consists of a series of interactive student-led conversations centered around Peaceful Societies and a joint effort to create solutions to issues through a global "call to action." In the first few online sessions, students worked together to define what a Peaceful Society is. Through many global conversations students decided that they wanted to promote a space of understanding and equality. Students voiced the lack of opportunities to not only express themselves but the need to better understand the issues, culture, and people that make up each individual identity.


American and Belizean students are currently in the process of recording "Day in the Life" videos where they will showcase aspects of their lives that are important to them. Students will then come together in a virtual meeting to share their videos, answer questions and learn new perspectives.

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