One Voice 4 Change is a non-profit organization, whose vision is a world where all students have equal learning opportunities. Their mission is to create and facilitate partnerships, both locally and globally, that connect learners and mentors with the ability to collaborate. Voices are heard, needs are assessed, and resources are provided. One Voice 4 Change is unique in that they are not offering curriculum, but rather, educational opportunity. They create connections, listen to learners and mentors, and customize their support to each collaboration. The content areas are as diverse as the participants, and there are truly no limits to the potential of these partnerships. Through shared voices, both students’ and teachers’ horizons are broadened, and rich and equitable learning opportunities are created. 


Founded in 2017 by Felicity Muench and Gregg Cannady, and granted non-profit status in 2019, One Voice 4 Change has established learning partnerships in Belize, Mexico, and Colorado. Their process involves personal visits to these locations, followed by online collaborations to assess needs, and ultimately the provision of resources. Once partnerships are established, they are shaped by the participants to incorporate individualized learning opportunities. Their projects have included musical collaborations, science explorations, technology, and more. Please visit their website for details and testimonials about these ventures:   


You can support the continuation of these projects by donating, volunteering or attending an event. Donations may be made through the One Voice 4 Change website.