Partnerships in learning are equally important to all who connect.  OV4C believes that everyone comes to the table with great values (HAVES) as well as NEEDS.  




















We begin each partnership by taking the time to assess the HAVES and NEEDS so that all sides benefit from in-person and synchronous learning relationships. 


We will work closely with all partners to make sure collaborations and proposed solutions are understood; can be done; and are wanted. 


Educational goals in our world are more than content and instruction.  We need:




Cooperation Problem Solving Skills




Critical Thinking Skills

Hands On Learning

Grit and Perseverance

Freedom to Fail

Use of Technology as a Learning Tool




Life-Long Learners


Our first collaborations were between Colorado and Nayarit, Mexico with guitar instruction, language (English & Spanish), cultural awareness, environmental science, and computer science.  Each of these areas continues to grow in scope and potential.


The students and teachers from Mexico also have expressed an interest in collaborations centered around robotics and the preservation of wildlife habitats. Students and teachers in Colorado are eager to learn more about dance, culture, and the diverse plant life, animals, and ecosystems of Nayarit.  


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