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The partnerships established between Colorado and Belize have grown exponentially. The timing was perfect when we delivered AVer 520+ video conferencing technology to PathLight International offices in Belmopan and Belize City in January 2020.


With COVID-19, virtual collaborations, teacher training, and industry connections to learning require this technology. 

We now urgently need money to buy a ZOOM Site License for Belizean teachers.  Hundreds of teachers and thousands of students will be connected to teacher training, environmental science collaborations, and industry partnerships.

(including a July 15 ZOOM meeting with Susan Morrice - founder of Belize Natural Energy -  BUILDING SHIPS in Belize)

FIRST PRIZE - Site License (20 hosts) $1,800.00


Blogs about Belize:

Colorado to Belize 



Additional donations we receive will be used to support partnerships in learning by funding: 


  • Technology that enables students to connect in learning.

  • This includes a budget for internet service, computers, hardware, software, microphones, cameras, and speakers.

  • We have found that the AVER 520+ works well in small classrooms.   


Facilitators (highly qualified adult leaders)

  • In a student-driven learning environment. Facilitation skills include:​​​

    • Understanding of digital etiquette 

    • Advocating for student ideas

    • Listening to all collaborators

    • Asking guiding questions

    • Documenting success and failures

    • Working with students to improve via the design process in learning

    • Training other facilitators

    • Operation of synchronous technology (VCT – Video Conference Technology)


Maker Space

  • Maker space and materials required for collaboration. Depending on the goals of each collaboration, all parties need equal access to materials or anything that is required by the lesson. The focus of the collaboration will help determine the maker space needs. Here are some examples:

    • ​Robotic Kits

    • Tools

    • Musical Instruments

    • Electronics

    • Art Supplies 


  • Synchronous learning connections can help sustain partnerships and collaborations. However, there are many times that require in-person collaborations, meetings, and lessons. OV4C would like to fund necessary in-person travel expenses for subject matter experts, teachers, students, and facilitators. 




To donate by check, send to:

     One Voice 4 Change

     PO Box 1215, Erie, Colorado, 80516 USA

One Voice 4 Change, Inc. 501 (c) (3)

Code: 83-2782201

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