HELP WANTED: Aerospace Mentors

To sign up as a mentor for S2B2O (Sim to Balloon to Orbit Initiative), fill out this survey: LINK

To Sign up as a mentor for Martian Greenhouse 3.0, fill out this survey: LINK

We are actively recruiting aerospace mentors for S2B2O (Sim to Balloon to Orbit Initiative) and Martian Greenhouse 3.0. Both of these Collaborative Learning Adventures will launch FALL 2022

In this approach, students drive the learning, teachers facilitate, and subject matter experts inspire and inform by simply listening to students, offering advice, and empowering students.

Mentors do not teach, create content and curriculum, or handle classroom management.

For more information about becoming a mentor, please contact Gregg Cannady -

With the help of Dr. Matula (NASA Johnson Space Center) we have developed a "Best Practices" guide to mentorship.

Meaningful Mentors: A Presentation by Dr. Matula

Check out what MG 2.0 students are doing now.

Legacy Mentors: MG 2.0 students became student mentors to teams participating in an energy collaboration with GE Renewable.

I feel empowered as a young female leader; showing that every female can do anything with the right mindset and do it because they love it. The most important lesson from this journey is turning problems into solutions; I found ways to grow food on Mars and to construct a carbon-free electric grid which was once thought impossible but now I know that we can make the impossible possible. These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities have taught me valuable skills like time management, communication and how to express my thoughts with others, critical thinking and it allowed me to express my creativity and collaborate with others which improved my teamwork and listening skills.

Juan Veliz was one of our students who comes from a remote village in Stann Creek district. He attends a high school 36 miles from the nearest town called Georgetown Technical High School. Juan was so inspired to join his team on the Martian Greenhouse 2.0 project in 2021 he traveled over 10 miles to reach his school to be able to access a device and internet connection every day! Juan's is now a motivated Legacy leader - he is now leading his own team of five students in the most recent Energy Project. Hear from Juan himself what inspires him!

Student Legacy Mentors from MG 2.0 will work with teams in Martian Greenhouse 3.0 . . . Happening Fall 2022

For more information contact Gregg Cannady –