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  • Gregg Cannady

D'Addarío Foundation Strings for Belize Gregg Cannady

We are so thankful for the vision and generosity of the D'Addarío Foundation.

They have donated nylon strings for the guitars that will be used in our group guitar lessons in Belize City and Belmopan.

OV4C understands the power of music in education. Read these words from the D'Addarío Foundation:

We believe in the power of music to unlock creativity, boost self-confidence, and enhance academics. By making music education accessible, we can positively affect social change and foster better citizens of the world.

We are also thankful for the donations received to purchase guitars. Above is a photo of guitars recently purchased. (Sept. 2020)

In these uncertain and vulnerable times, the guitars and strings provide joy and hope. They strengthen our determination to continue our mission and the mission of D'Addarío Foundation.

OV4C Mission: To create world-wide educational partnerships that inspire learning and global citizenship.

OV4C / PathLight / D'Addarío Foundation - Together Making a Difference

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