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  • Gregg Cannady

Escúchanos! (listen to us) Gregg Cannady

One Voice 4 Change wants to make a difference for those who need a voice.

Who needs to be heard?
Who has something to say?


The students!

Students and teachers in Chacala met with Dr. Jennifer Campbell-Smith in March 2019 via THE SYNK to work on a global project called Birds Across Borders.

Much to the amazement of all, Monse's contribution to Birds Across Borders was a painting of a crow. The teachers told me that they did not even know she painted.

One can easily see the potential of following the students' passion for learning. They know the path that best ignites imagination, innovation, and excellence in learning.

We are committed to listening to the voices of students like Monse and facilitating partnerships that they need to empower student-centered learning.

Muchas gracias Cambiando Vidas and the students an teachers in Chacala primaria and telescundaria schools.

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