Laptops for Students and Teachers

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The Belize students have come so far this year. However, they need computers to scale their dreams. 

Please see these miracles in learning from Martian Greenhouse 2.0. BLOG

Below is information from Belize, and a program called "Future Me." One Voice 4 Change would love to support by helping raise money for laptops for students and teachers. Please DONATE to OV4C so that we can help.


Future ME:  A Stem of Building Ships – Is a program supported by Pathlight Belize that creates online learning opportunities for students to connect with subject matter experts and industry experts in pursuing careers in STEM and other fields. These ignite virtual sessions focus on connecting students & educators with industry partners and subject matter experts to build relationships and connections in assisting our most vulnerable youths especially boys and girls to successfully pursue their Future ME. Youths are provided with training, skill building, discovery discussions, career path development among other interactive activities to help our young women and men succeed after high school.  


  • Students to discover pathways to advance in career choices 

  • Students to explore possibilities/opportunities by connecting with subject matter experts and industry partners

  • Students to collaborate and make connections with peers in career advancement

  • Schools to bridge the gap between classroom learning and industry needs 


Future ME Initiatives:  Martian Greenhouse 2.0, Sheik vs Shale PBL, Making the Cut – Partners in Healthcare, Coding Basics, STEM 4 Girls, Energy Collaborate 2022.

Our 30x2030 Promise


#1 To have thirty percent (30%) of girls in Belizean high schools by 2030 select STEM related careers in college. 

#2 - To have thirty percent (30%) boys between the ages of 13-16 choose STEM related careers to steer their focus and skills more into real world fields and less away from high gang recruitment during that age range.  


The Problem: In Belize not many girls seek STEM related careers and many of our young women are not exposed to the possibilities that women can lead in STEM careers. PathLight Belize wants to change that narrative in Belize. Many boys are recruited between the ages of 13-16 to join gangs. Not many boys find purpose and meaning in textbook driven lessons and many drop out of school. Lack of digital resources at the school and home level creates further challenges for these students to remain focused and successful in school. 

Solution: Through PathLight’s STEM Programs we can begin to engage our local young women and men into discussions, concept presentations, STEM experiments, interactive activities led by young women and successful STEM and Subject Matter Experts  locally and globally in STEM related fields. We can steer our most vulnerable youths into careers and fields that can provide life skills and allow them to learn through discovery while challenging and motivating students to stay in school. 

Digital Resource Incentive: Through PathLight STEM programs students are provided some support via data plans and access to internet connectivity. Students who become a part of the Future ME initiative can also be further provided with inexpensive devices so that they are able to successfully complete the program.

Up Next: Renewable Energy Global Collaboration (SPRING 2022)


Let's all make sure these students and teachers have the basic resources needed to to realize their dreams in learning, and help the world with their research and solutions.