One Voice 4 Change is working on two projects in Belize City and Belmopan with educational teams from PathLight International.

  1. Teacher Training

    • We have set up two AVer 520+ room systems so that teachers in Belize City and Belmopan can conduct ZOOM meetings with their teams, with teachers from surrounding areas, and with subject matter experts that will strengthen access to knowledge and skills in multiple subjects. 

    • We are recruiting ten highly qualified teachers to work with Belizean teachers to inspire joyful learning in Belize and Colorado.    ​

  2. Guitar

    • The students in Belize City and Belmopan are very interested in learning how to play guitar, write songs, and sing. We hope to provide guitars that can be in PathLight offices for group instruction, and guitars that can be checked out so that students can practice.​

    • Professional guitarists from Colorado and OV4C  will work with facilitating adult mentors in Belize to coordinate the instruction and instrument care.   



















Teacher Training Conference 2020

2020 Focus: Literacy/Numeracy

Theme: Helping to Shape the Future of Teaching: A 2020 Vision

  • Pre: Early Childhood: Innovative Teaching for Early Learners; Getting it Right from the Start - Age Group: 4-7 year olds Classes: Kinder to Grade 3

  • Primary I: Primary School : Closer Look at Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction: Implementing Word Study in Classrooms Age Group: 8-12 Classes: Grade 4-8

  • Primary II: Write from the Start – Writing Development for Primary Learners Age Group: 8-12 Classes: Grade 4

  • Primary III: Changing the Way we Look at Math and Teach Math - Age Group: 10-12 Classes: Grade 6- 8

  • High School: It's Never Too Early and Never Too Late: Innovative Teaching forAny Learner - Age Group: 13-18 Classes: Grade 9-12


Dates: July 4th - July 11th, 2020


Saturday July 4
High School - Travel to Belize City, Belize Primary School/ECE - Travel to Belmopan, Belize


Sunday July 5
Church, Team Building, & Conference Prep - Belize City & Belmopan (PathLight Offices)


Monday & Tuesday July 6-7- Belmopan Primary School Conference (US 4-8) Early Childhood Conference (K-3)


Monday & Tuesday July 6-7 - Belize City - High School Conference (US 9-12)


Wednesday July 8th -
High School Group - Travels to Belmopan

Primary/ECE Group - Travels to Belize City Conference prep/team building/meeting local trainers at PathLight Offices in both cities


Thursday & Friday July 9 &10 - Belmopan High School Conference (US 9-12)


Thursday & Friday July 9 &10 - Belize City Primary School Conference (US 4-8) Early Childhood Conference- (K-3)


Saturday July 11th
- Travel day to US/home



PathLight’s Teacher Training Conference teams stay in conveniently located hotels. Rooms are double occupancy. Breakfasts and dinners will be family style or buffet at the hotel or a nearby restaurant.


  • 7 nights/8 days $1,100.00

  • 7 nights hotel accommodation

    • Three daily meals for 8 days + arrival day dinner and departure day breakfast o In-country transportation including airport pick-up and drop-off

Not included: Airfare, excursion activity and meals on excursion day.


Application Timeline:

  1. Submit a PathLight TTC Trainer application by February 28th, 2020:
    Link: eWbtOHNe0w2AHphpSeg/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Acceptance decisions by March 15th (based on skill set and experience)

  2. Once you receive your acceptance letter, submit application for $1000 scholarship through EC BOCES. Link:


  3. Complete online registration form and pay $150 USD deposit within 14 days. Link:

    -Pay remaining balance in three installments – April 15, May 15 and June 15th
    -Any fundraising must be completed by the installment dates
    -Agree to a background check 30 days prior to travel
    -If accepted after April 1, the first installment is due within 14 days of acceptance, with your $150 USD deposit.


Who are the PathLight Teacher Training program staff?

  • Nilda Muschamp, Director of Operations (Belmopan)

  • Consuelo Godfrey, Director, Teacher Training (Belize City)

  • Beatrice Geban, Teacher Trainer (Belize City)

  • Maggie Ruiz, Teacher Trainer (Belmopan)



For further information, please feel free to contact: Consuelo Godfrey

Director, Teacher Training Programs 501-610-6244


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