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Subject Matter Experts:

Let us know so that we can connect you to students who want to know what it will take to succeed in your industry or passion.

Industries and Businesses:

Tell us what we need to know to thrive in your industry. Advise us on what we need to be ready for the future.


We would love to work with you on how to partner with your school or schools in need.


You can help us by raising awareness. Tell your parents and teachers about One Voice 4 Change and let them know that you are ready to learn with other students. We can work with your school, parents, and community to facilitate collaborations between you and students from all over the world.  

Volunteer Opportunities: 

We can learn more about you so that you can help us reach out to more students. Since we take the time to assess needs and haves, our goal is to connect you to those who feed your soul as well. 

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